• Director/PostJeremy Pollock
  • Producer/ScriptwriterLaurena Pollock
  • CameraGabriel Yee
  • AudioBrad Martin
  • 3D ArtistFarhan Qureshi
  • Production AssistantChristian Santos Bigornia
  • ActorPatrick MacEachern
  • VoiceBrad Goddard
  • 27
City of Airdrie

Recycling Series

When The City of Airdrie reached out to us, to bid on this project, we were both excited and a little stumped. There is a lot of crucial but dry information to deliver. We wanted to find that fine balance of keeping it light and witty to maintain engagement, while delivering all of the relevant information, and staying on brand for The City of Airdrie. In the end, we’re very happy with the final product – and we hope Airdronians are too!

CF403 | The Open