• Director/Post Jeremy Pollock
  • Producer/Scriptwriter/MarketingLaurena Pollock
  • CameraGabriel Yee
  • AudioAlex Mitchell
  • Production AssistantsBhavesh Chauhan, Sebastian Salazar
  • MUAShea Olagundoye
  • ActressKathryn Kodozy
  • VoiceBrad Goddard
  • 5
Transit Series


It appears The City of Airdrie liked what we did for the Recycling Series as they reached back out to us, to bid on this project. As with the previous series there was a lot of very crucial but dry information to deliver. Thankfully, since we had already determined the voice from the previous series, we were able to continue with that tone and feeling here. We were also fortunate to execute the social media delivery of this campaign, which yielded great results. Each video reached approximately 25K people, with the only target being Airdronians, which means that everyone in Airdrie with a FB account should have seen the video!

Coors Light | Thrill of the Hill