• DirectorJeremy Pollock
  • Producer/ScriptwriterLaurena Pollock
  • CinematographerAaron Bernakevitch
  • GripAnish Bahl
  • TalentNicola Wilson
  • TalentBenjamin McMullin
  • TalentMaire Muncaster
  • TalentNatalie Buckley
  • TalentIan Spence
  • TalentSunny Singh
  • TalentLeah Grafton
  • TalentArthur Zrill
  • TalentFaydra Beard
  • TalentJoe Plant
  • TalentLynne Walker
  • TalentStuart Bentley
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Financial Planning


When it comes to financial decisions, I’m not one to make quick decisions. That’s why we choose Ken Steele as our financial advisor. Ken really listens to your needs, and has a no pressure demeanor that allows you to think over all your options before choosing what’s right for you. When Ken approached us to help him with some marketing, we jumped at the chance. We knew he offered services that we already had, and were excited to learn more about what he had to offer, and how best to communicate that to potential customers. Working with Ken was a dream. He gave us carte blanche to produce, write, and direct these spots and we really believe they encapsulate his services. We were also fortunate to execute the social media delivery of this campaign, which yielded great results. Each video reached approximately 25K people, with the only target being Airdronians, which means that everyone in Airdrie with a FB account should have seen the video!

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